Telestroke – Faster, More Specialized Stroke Care

24/7 Real-Time Video Consultations

During a stroke, minutes count. Faster, more specialized care is available to stroke patients through the Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin Telestroke program.

Using secure videoconferencing technology, local emergency department physicians have access 24/7 to real-time video consultations with board-certified stroke neurologists from Froedtert Hospital. 

Telestroke enables a stroke specialist from Froedtert Hospital to appear via computer monitor at the patient’s bedside at hospitals in the region. The stroke neurologist is able to perform a stroke-specific neurological exam, view the imaging and other test results, and speak with family members. Together, the stroke neurologist and emergency department physician determine the diagnosis and best course of treatment. 

Telestroke is a cost-effective, easy-to-use strategy for immediate access to a stroke neurologist around-the-clock. Easy access to expert care can help reduce the devastating effects of stroke.

Saving Valuable Time During a Stroke

Rapid detection and treatment of stroke is critical to preventing long-term effects. Telestroke enhances treatment options for all patients by offering care from our academic medical center at local partner hospitals around-the-clock.

Telestroke example

By collaborating via secure video-conference, emergency medicine teams can more accurately determine which patients will benefit from IV tPA. That means more patients who will benefit from this life-saving drug will get it sooner. Telestroke also means that more patients can be treated in their local hospital, and stay closer to home, family and friends.

If highly specialized, advanced care is needed, such as clot retrieval, Telestroke enables immediate communication, which saves valuable time. The consulting stroke specialists are familiar with the patient’s needs and are prepared to begin treatment immediately upon transfer. 

The Telestroke program, also offers appropriate patients access to clinical trials that can extend the window of treatment time and advance the understanding of stroke and its treatment. For patients who need stroke care, our Telestroke system can make all the difference.