Adult Organ Transplant: Kidney, Liver, Pancreas, Lung & Heart

The Transplant Center at Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin offers exceptional care for people in need of kidney, liver, pancreas, lung and heart transplants. Our highly skilled team of physicians, surgeons, specialists and supporting medical staff provides multidisciplinary care and is experienced in handling complicated cases. We have a long tradition of offering compassionate care together with highly specialized expertise and unrivaled experience.

Over the past decades, our transplant programs and services have given a new chance at life to more than 4,500 people. We believe in treating the whole patient, and caring for the needs of the family as well. Our approach is sincere and caring, and we understand it begins with patient education long before any transplant takes place. We also know that follow-up care is as important as the transplant itself.

Our multidisciplinary approach draws upon the broad range of resources and expertise available through a variety of specialties within our campus. As an academic medical center, we are at the forefront of new developments and information, and we can help patients explore all available treatment options.

We’re proud of our long history with transplants. We performed our first kidney transplant in 1967, the state’s first liver transplant in 1983, our first heart transplant in 1985. Our lung transplant program began in 1991. Overall, our survival rates match or exceed national averages.

We understand that a high quality transplant program begins with a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to treat patients at the most difficult stages of their disease or illness. Because transplant patients need follow-up care and medications for the rest of their lives, we work to involve patients in their own care as much as possible. In every case, we treat each patient as an individual who needs personal care.

Transplant State-of-the-art Technology and Research

The innovative approach to transplant medicine at Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin is based on the latest research using state-of-the art technology. Our focus is on our patients, and all of our efforts are aimed at offering the highest quality patient care possible.

For instance, we are the first provider in the state to use a compact, highly portable heart-lung machine that can maintain a patient’s blood circulation and/or lung function outside the body. The state-of-the-art equipment makes it safer and easier to transport patients to our hospital for vital transplant care. Additionally, it is so portable that patients may walk around while receiving heart and lung support, allowing an earlier start to their rehabilitation.

Through our own and national research studies, we look for new ways to prevent diseases from leading to transplant, and we look for new medications and therapies to help patients after a transplant. We never stop looking for ways to improve the care we give to our patients.

As an active member of the community, Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin offer education classes for potential transplant patients and their families as well as for medical personnel in the community. Our goal is to help everyone better understand the risks and rewards of transplantation so they can make informed decisions about their own health care.

Wisconsin Donor Network and the BloodCenter of Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Donor Network, a service line of the BloodCenter of Wisconsin, is the federally designated organ procurement organization supporting the transplant community in eastern Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Donor Network offers education, information and other resources regarding organ and tissue donation and transplantation. In addition to recovering organs for transplant, the Wisconsin Donor Network provides public and professional education about the tremendous need for organ and tissue donors. It is the region’s primary, most current source of information regarding organ and tissue donation.


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