Cardiologists, Cardiac Surgeons Treating Valve Disease

Our Valvular Disease team is made up of physicians and nurses with a high level of experience and specialized expertise. Our team is dedicated to patient care, research and teaching. That philosophy puts us at the leading edge of knowledge and enables us to bring patients state-of-the-science treatments and technology. We make sure patients know about all the options open to them and will help them make an informed choice about treatment.

We consult with other specialists as needed for the best patient care, including cardiac anesthesiology, radiology and pulmonary medicine.

Valvular Disease Team

James Kleczka, MD
Medical College of Wisconsin Cardiologist;
Medical Director, Cardiology Inpatient Services and CICU

Zahir Rashid, MD
Medical College of Wisconsin Cardiac Surgeon

Jessica Kurowski, APNP
Nurse Practitioner

All Medical College of Wisconsin cardiac surgeons are board certified and highly skilled and experienced in performing cardiac operations.


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