Spider Vein & Varicose Vein Treatment in Milwaukee, Wis.

Woman on Beach imageThe Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin Comprehensive Vein Clinic specializes in the treatment of varicose veins and spider veins. Vein disease is a medical problem, and each vein problem is different.

Patients receive treatment from a team of board-certified physicians who combine their expertise and many years of experience in vascular surgery and interventional radiology. Our goal is to help patients understand their vein problem and offer the highest quality care to alleviate vein disorders.

Froedtert & the Medical College are proud to serve the community as the only academic medical center in eastern Wisconsin. All of the physicians who practice at the Comprehensive Vein Clinic are Medical College faculty, offering patients a heightened level of expertise, knowledge and advanced care.

Treating Vein Disorders

Most problem veins—from the tiniest spider veins to the largest varicose veins—can be treated without surgery at the Comprehensive Vein Clinic. Physicians use advanced technology and techniques to safely and efficiently treat vein disorders, with pleasing results for patients.

Treatments include:

  • Sclerotherapy — a procedure to treat spider and varicose veins that involves using a tiny needle to inject a solution directly into the veins. The solution irritates the lining of the veins, causing them to contract and collapse. Blood in these veins is directed back into deeper, normal veins.
  • Microphlebectomy — a technique to remove varicose veins by making tiny incisions in the skin through which the varicose veins are removed. Stitches are usually not required.
  • Laser ablation — a technique using laser energy inside a faulty vein to seal it closed, allowing the blood to be diverted to other normal veins. The use of laser energy is a major advancement over the traditional method of vein stripping, in which incisions are made in the groin area and near the ankle and a wire-like instrument is inserted into the vein to “strip” it from the inside. The laser technique is much less invasive, and patients are able to resume normal activities much sooner than with vein stripping.

Depending on a person’s vein problem, treatment may involve one procedure or a few procedures. All treatments are performed in the offices of the Comprehensive Vein Clinic. In most cases, patients can resume their normal activities the next day — or sooner.

Your First Visit

Exam Room imageDuring your first visit to the Comprehensive Vein Clinic, a physician will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your vein system, take your medical history, conduct a physical exam and do an ultrasound exam of the lower extremities. All of these processes combine to help the physician determine the optimal treatment plan for you.

Following the exam process, the physician will discuss your test results and review the treatment options appropriate for your disorder. Your treatment plan will be customized to your needs.

You will also receive an estimate of treatment fees. The diagnosis and treatment of significant health problems due to diseased veins are covered by most insurance companies if the problem is deemed “medically necessary.” We will determine if your vein disorder is causing health problems or if it is strictly cosmetic.

All Services at One Site

All vein services are performed in one convenient location at the Comprehensive Vein Clinic, 8700 W. Watertown Plank Road, across the street from Froedtert & the Medical College. Free parking is available next to the building. The clinic provides a warm and comfortable setting for patients to receive treatment. All services — physician consultations, treatments and follow-up visits — are performed on site. Team physicians see patients Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 

Incredible Story

Coleen Rosen's severe varicose veins got in the way of the biking, skiing and hiking activities she loved. After treatment at the Comprehensive Vein Clinic, she's once again back on the slopes. 

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