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An important part of the Workforce Health process is gathering information on your organization’s goals and culture and looking at your complete health picture. We start by assessing your organization’s health history and long-term goals. We may review your medical claims data and HRA data from previous years. We can review your company’s health plan design and compare it with specific goals regarding productivity, safety and absenteeism.

If your company has existing health risk assessment data from previous years, or if you opt for Workforce Health to conduct your company’s HRAs, we will be able to further target your health management needs. While individual HRA reports are confidential, we’ll create a profile of your organization’s overall health based on our interpretation of your workforce’s results. We can tell you, for example, what percentage of your employee population is at risk for diabetes. This will help us make recommendations for education, dietary or exercise programs that could help lower your organization’s risk, and save you money on health care costs immediately and down the road.

Also, if there is a specific area of concern, we can drill down and analyze core issues. For example, of those at risk for diabetes, we can look at the percentage of those who are overweight. That information might help inform programming choices, such as help with weight management. We also can analyze by other peer or demographic groups, such as comparing those on the clerical staff vs. those who work in your manufacturing plant. Consultants

Deliverables from our data review can include:

  • Executive summary — Based on the findings of the HRA process, we’ll make a customized set of recommendations.

  • Productivity and economic benefits report — We’ll take a look at your current health spending and make recommendations for the future, including an estimate of hours of lost productivity due to sick time that could have been prevented.

  • Wellness Dashboard — Comparison reports and past claims data allows us to create for you a “wellness dashboard,” with specific metrics and activity reports that illustrate the current health of your employees and establish targets for monitoring progress.

  • Insurance design — We can work with your team to review health insurance plan designer and make recommendations, such as waiving the co-pay for a specific health screening to encourage participation and prevention.

  • Resources for HR — Workforce Health works with your HR team to carefully plan and implement services. We’ll even provide customized communications, such as e-mail notices and flyers, to make sure programs are well promoted and easily accessible to employees. 

  • Comparative data review — Through our own database, Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin can provide aggregate data that helps you compare your organization with others on a local or national level.

Other Consulting Services

  • Wellness Committee Design and Participation — Effecting real change towards a well workforce demands that the work environment support a healthy lifestyle. A wellness committee can help. We can drive the development of a wellness committee, a group of your employees who monitor and guide health and wellness efforts, and we offer our participation on that committee for the long or short term.

  • Tobacco-free Workplace — Recent laws mandate tobacco-free workplaces in many industries. For some organizations, becoming tobacco-free may be a significant cultural shift, and the end result may be hard to achieve. We can partner with your organization to review current habits and assess environmental or cultural artifacts that may unintentionally enable tobacco usage. We can then help you implement recommendations to hardwire this behavioral change, leveraging best practices from our tobacco educators, tobacco control specialists and healthcare providers.

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