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Improving health requires a change in behaviors. And research shows that the most effective way to change health behaviors is by establishing a relationship and rapport with health care providers who take the time to get to know you and your employees.

Workforce Health partners with you to develop health and wellness programs, based on your identified needs, delivered on-site at your workplace. We are able to work with the employee’s primary care team to improve health care utilization and compliance with screenings and preventive medicine.

Advantages of On-Site Health Care Services

The convenience and proximity of health care services delivered on-site at your workplace has the following advantages:

  • Ongoing, in-person relationship with the health care provider improves employees’ engagement in the wellness initiatives

  • Increased compliance with screenings and preventive medicine

  • Appropriate use of health care services: the right treatment at the right time and place

  • Reduced time away from work for doctor’s or therapy appointments

On-Site Services

Our on-site services can range in scope, size and duration, and are always customized to meet your needs. Some examples of on-site services include:

  • On-site nursing or health coaching — an ongoing services focused on disease management strategies based on HRA results. On-site nurses work to improve compliance with preventive and wellness programs. They also expedite access to off-site care, including physician follow-up.

  • Weight loss programs — dietitian and exercise physiologist on-site regularly to reduce employees’ BMI, improve cholesterol and blood sugar levels and help them achieve a healthier weight

  • Therapy/Rehabilitation Services — weekly sessions with a physical, occupational or rehabilitation therapist on-site to reduce risk of injury and rehabilitate minor injuries

  • Tobacco education — certified tobacco educators on-site regularly to help employees quit smoking for good

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