Our Wellness Story

Kaiser Comparison ChartAs one of southeastern Wisconsin’s largest private employers, Froedtert Health has applied its proven approach to reduce costs and improve health and productivity among its own 8,500 employees.

Reducing Cost and Improving Health and Productivity

Froedtert Health lowered its health benefit costs by more than $5.7 million over three years through its concerted focus on health management for its own staff. Health benefit costs for Froedtert Health staff compare favorably to nationally recognized benchmarks. Costs fell when the system-wide wellness efforts began.

In addition, it netted measurable improvements in key health risk indicators. The wellness program puts health risk indicators on a favorable trend for Froedtert Health staff.

“We are shifting people from having two to three health risk states to fewer risks through our wellness programming,” said Kathy Menard-Rothe, the full-time manager of wellness for Froedtert Health. “For example, if an employee was identified as pre-diabetic by their HRA process, a certified wellness coach would make contact and work with them to help bring them within a normal blood sugar range.” Interventions might include helping them with lifestyle management and taking advantage of the healthy meal programs available at the work site.

Risk Factor Chart

Pharmacy Program

Another example is a pharmacy program wherein employees can meet one-on-one with a pharmacist at the workplace to discuss their medications. This has helped ensure employees take the proper medications, plus spending is reduced when employees receive lower prescription prices due to volume discounts, and pharmacists work with physicians to shift to generics when appropriate.

The program has helped:

  • Improve productivity
  • Improve recruitment
  • Reduce sick leave/absenteeism
  • Control healthcare costs
  • Reduce worker’s compensation
  • Reduce injury
  • Improve employee morale and retention