Hospital Charges

We want you to have information that will help you make good health care choices. Wisconsin Act 146 (2009) tells health care providers in our state how to give you price and quality information.

The PricePoint links below give information about what we charge for the care given most often in Wisconsin. The data are averages and do not represent the actual charges you may be billed or your out-of-pocket costs. 

Research Other Wisconsin Facilities

For available information on other facilities, visit PricePoint.

The data may not include all the charges you need. For example, this information does not include fees for physician services or anesthesia administration. Those charges are billed separately by the physician.

Price Estimates

For pricing questions or cost estimations if you do not have insurance, please call 800-466-9670.

For pricing questions or cost estimations if you do have insurance, please call 414-777-0530 or visit our Health Care Cost Estimator.

Heath Care Cost Estimator

While our teams are able to provide you with one estimate which includes the hospital and professional charges. You may still receive separate bills for physician and hospital services. The billing office phone numbers can be found on the back of your billing statement.

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