The Sunflower Award for Extraordinary Nursing Support Staff was created to celebrate the devotion, strength and compassionate care given by nursing support staff to patients, families, and staff. The sunflower was chosen as the award theme because the sun symbolizes warmth and strength, and the flower represents devotion, compassion and enthusiasm. 

Award nominees display skill, devotion, compassion and enthusiasm by exemplifying the kind of support staff that our patients, their families and our staff recognize as an outstanding role model. This includes: 

  • Exceeding expectations
  • Promoting a culture of excellence
  • Building healthy relationships
  • Supporting commitment to advancing the profession of all nursing support staff

Multiple times a year, each location will choose a clinical nursing support staff member to be recognized (with a public ceremony that includes: a beautiful certificate, a Sunflower Award pin, and a hand-carved stone sculpture entitled "Supporting Heart”).

Nominate a Nursing Support Staff Member

Thank you for taking the time to nominate extraordinary patient care support staff for this award. Please provide us with the following information.

Download a paper nomination to download and mail (all locations).

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Example: I spent some time in the Cardiovascular Unit in November. While there, I met Lula on the care team. She stayed with me closely for about 5 hours to make sure I was ok. I had some anxiety and was also showing signs of delirium. Eventually, I no longer needed that close of care, but I was still extremely anxious. I felt comfortable opening up about my loneliness and Lula was a big part of that comfort. She talked to me about everything. She sat outside my door and just talked to me. That really helped a lot. I wish I could have her back. Sometimes all you need is someone to just talk to you. She was just really great. She left such an impression on me and I couldn’t help but tell others about her even days later. Others have told me that I am happier when I talk about Lula and they are right. I want to ask for Lula the next time because I think her care was amazing. I can say with certainty that Lula’s care made a significant impact on my experience. Without a doubt, I believe Lula is very deserving of the Sunflower award.