Amy Koch

Diagnosis: Liposarcoma

Amy Koch grew up in southeastern Wisconsin and, after a fair amount of traveling, living and working in other places in the United States and abroad, she has been living in Milwaukee since 2005. She has a B.A. in international studies, an M.S. in curriculum and instruction and various teaching licenses. She speaks fluent Spanish and functional Japanese.

After working as a bilingual elementary school teacher in Milwaukee for eight years, she is now an instructional coach specializing in reading instruction.

A lump in her left thigh in late summer/early fall of 2014 turned out to not be a ?nerve or muscle problem? that just needed time and rest. She was diagnosed with liposarcoma in October 2014 and started chemotherapy in November. After chemo, neutropenia, radiation, surgery, more tumors and subsequent treatments, she thinks she is cancer free as of November 2015. Due to wound healing complications after two of her three surgeries, she is more familiar with wound vacs than she likes.

Amy has remained positive throughout this experience. First of all, it?s just her nature. Second, considering the unwavering support of family, friends, colleagues and God, how can she NOT be positive and optimistic? There is simply no other choice.