The adult Behavioral Health Center incorporates the latest research in mental health care design. The result is an environment that is inviting and comfortable as well as very safe. State-of-the-art safety features protect patients from harming themselves or others. Group spaces invite interaction and daily-living activities. 

Unit Features

Patient Rooms 

  • Patient Room16 private rooms with bathrooms and special safety features, such as American Psychiatric Association approved bathroom door design, non weight-bearing protrusions, and dual-swing room doors.
  • Recessed fixtures for safety, windows and mirrors with safety glass, and secured environmental switch controls.
  • Standard and ADA-equipped rooms available.

Patient Closet

  • Patient belongings are kept safe, secure and organized.
  • Located outside of patient rooms for patient safety.
  • Houses water and environmental controls, and electrical outlets for patient belongings that require battery charging.

Small Group Room / Patio

  • Used for smaller groups during treatment hours.
  • Access to outdoor patio.

Group Room

  • Features a flexible design so that the space can be used by inpatients during the day and closed off to be used by outpatients in the evening.

 Dining Room

  • Dining RoomSpace used for daily living activities as well as for group educational programs

Nurses’ Station/Medication Room/Entryway

  • Double entry system for patient safety.
  • Separate medication room minimizes distractions and promotes safety, security and accuracy.

Seclusion Room

  • Room and policies comply with all regulatory requirements.

ECT Recovery SuiteECT Recovery Suite

  • Dedicated space to care for outpatients before and after treatment.

Staff Room

  • Used for interdisciplinary treatment team meetings and reports.