COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update

The adult Behavioral Health Center incorporates the latest research in mental health care design. The result is an environment that is inviting and comfortable as well as very safe. State-of-the-art safety features protect patients from harming themselves or others. Group spaces invite interaction and daily-living activities. 

Unit Features

Patient Rooms 

  • Patient Room16 private rooms with bathrooms and special safety features, such as American Psychiatric Association approved bathroom door design, non weight-bearing protrusions, and dual-swing room doors.
  • Recessed fixtures for safety, windows and mirrors with safety glass, and secured environmental switch controls.
  • Standard and ADA-equipped rooms available.

Patient Closet

  • Patient belongings are kept safe, secure and organized.
  • Located outside of patient rooms for patient safety.
  • Houses water and environmental controls, and electrical outlets for patient belongings that require battery charging.

Small Group Room / Patio

  • Used for smaller groups during treatment hours.
  • Access to outdoor patio.

Group Room

  • Features a flexible design so that the space can be used by inpatients during the day and closed off to be used by outpatients in the evening.

 Dining Room

  • Dining RoomSpace used for daily living activities as well as for group educational programs

Nurses’ Station/Medication Room/Entryway

  • Double entry system for patient safety.
  • Separate medication room minimizes distractions and promotes safety, security and accuracy.

Seclusion Room

  • Room and policies comply with all regulatory requirements.

ECT Recovery SuiteECT Recovery Suite

  • Dedicated space to care for outpatients before and after treatment.

Staff Room

  • Used for interdisciplinary treatment team meetings and reports.

Many of us have had our live turned upside down by COVID-19. Our "Brave" Clinic is here to help you cope with the stress, depression, isolation and other emotional challenges brought on by the pandemic — all through virtual one-on-one sessions.

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