Group Therapy for Behavioral HealthEveryone feels down from time to time, but when depression, anxiety, anger, stress or panic begin to interfere with your daily life or affect your work or relationships, it’s time to seek help. Our outpatient services start with an assessment. This assessment may last from one to several sessions. Afterward, we will discuss with you our understanding of your situation and propose an individualized treatment plan. 

The decision to proceed with the plan will be yours. We also work with your physician to coordinate your behavioral and physical health care. Our goal is to provide high quality, ethical and timely care in a confidential manner and comfortable environment, to help you lead a healthier life.

We offer an extensive range of outpatient behavioral health services, including:

Group Therapy and Education

We also offer group therapy and educational opportunities open to the community focused on: 

  • Depression and anxiety management
  • Parenting and relationships
  • Personal improvement
  • Women in transition

Outpatient Treatment for Alcohol and Drug Addiction

We offer outpatient treatment for alcohol and drug addiction that provides assessment as well as individual and group treatment in a comfortable, friendly setting. Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) focuses on the early stages of recovery and preparation for relapse prevention.

Grief Clinic

The Froedtert & MCW Grief Clinic is designed to provide support for grieving individuals following the loss of a loved one. This clinic aims to assist individuals with acute grief in order to limit bereavement related complications, and to provide evidence-based therapies to those experiencing mental health complications following the loss of a loved one. Grief-related complications can include, but are not limited to, prolonged grief disorder (or complicated grief), depression, anxiety and post-traumatic disorder.

Our team of providers in this clinic specialize in grief, and have specialized training in grief therapy. Our goal is to help patients improve their physical and mental health by providing a thorough evaluation, review of current or past medications and assistance with identifying the patient’s support team. Treatment recommendations may also include grief-related psychotherapy, medication treatment and connecting the individual with community resources.

If you’ve recently lost a loved and are experiencing acute grief, talk to your Froedtert & MCW primary care provider who can enter a referral to this clinic for you.