Our Brain and Spine Tumor Program physicians specialize in caring for people with rare neurological cancers. They work together to craft the best treatment plan for every patient. Our full team of skilled and compassionate physicians and other caregivers makes sure patients get all the treatment and support services they need.


Diana L Maas, MD,

Maas, Diana L.  MD

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Interventional Neurology

Marc A Lazzaro, MD,FAHA,

Lazzaro, Marc A.  MD FAHA

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John R Lynch, MD,

Lynch, John R.  MD

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Brian-Fred M Fitzsimmons, MD,

Fitzsimmons, Brian-Fred M.  MD

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Jennifer M Connelly, MD,

Connelly, Jennifer M.  MD

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Fernando Santos-Pinheiro, MD,

Santos-Pinheiro, Fernando  MD

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Oksana Y Sayko, MD,

Sayko, Oksana Y.  MD

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Neurosurgery – Brain

Wade M Mueller, MD,

Mueller, Wade M.  MD

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Raphael  Sacho, MD,FRCS,

Sacho, Raphael  MD FRCS

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Nathan Zwagerman, MD,

Zwagerman, Nathan  MD

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Neurosurgery – Spine

Jamie L Baisden, MD,

Baisden, Jamie L.  MD

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Shekar N Kurpad, MD,PhD,

Kurpad, Shekar N.  MD PhD

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Hesham Soliman, MD,MSc,

Soliman, Hesham  MD MSc

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Christopher E Wolfla, MD,

Wolfla, Christopher E.  MD

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Ear, Nose and Throat (Otolaryngology)

David R Friedland, MD,PhD,

Friedland, David R.  MD PhD

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Steven A Harvey, MD,

Harvey, Steven A.  MD

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Todd A Loehrl, MD,

Loehrl, Todd A.  MD

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Elizabeth J Cochran, MD,

Cochran, Elizabeth J.  MD

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Radiation Oncology

Joseph A Bovi, MD,

Bovi, Joseph A.  MD

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Christopher J Schultz, MD,FACR,FASTRO,

Schultz, Christopher J.  MD FACR FASTRO

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Malika L Siker, MD,

Siker, Malika L.  MD

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John L Ulmer, MD,

Ulmer, John L.  MD

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Peter LaViolette, PhD

Kathleen Schmainda, PhD

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