Questions to Ask After a Cancer Diagnosis

Are you (or a family member) facing a cancer diagnosis?

If so, you probably already know how important it is to make the right decision about who treats you ? and to become well informed, so you can chose the most appropriate treatment options for your type of cancer and your individual situation. However, just receiving a cancer diagnosis can be a little overwhelming.

Below are some questions you can ask your physicians to help ensure you are making the best choices at this important time. If you have other questions, or would like to schedule an appointment, please call us: 414-805-0505 or 866-680-0505.



  1. Are you fellowship trained in cancer care? Is the training relevant to my type of cancer? Why is that important for me?
  2. What percentage of your practice is dedicated to cancer care?
  3. What percentage of your practice is focused on my type of cancer?
  4. How many of the treatment you?re recommending have you personally performed?
  5. What are your results for this treatment in terms of cure?
  6. What are your results for this treatment in terms of side effects?
  7. How do your results compare to those obtained at national centers of excellence?
  8. Are there treatments you don?t offer that would be relevant to my cancer (surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, clinical trials)?
  9. How many papers have you published on my type of cancer?
  10. Who are the nationally recognized experts in southeastern Wisconsin who treat this disease?