The Clinical Cancer Center at Froedtert Hospital includes a Day Hospital for patients needing chemotherapy, blood products, other types of infusions or advanced services which might otherwise require hospitalization. The Day Hospital offers extended hours, a variety of comforting treatment settings and advanced care support. Its goal is to help cancer patients fit their medical care into their lives — instead of fitting their lives into their medical care.

Different Settings for Different Needs

The Day Hospital is located on the third floor of the Clinical Cancer Center building and offers different treatment settings to fit the needs of individual patients. Semi-private infusion stations let patients receive their therapy in a light, open environment that allows for interaction with others. There are also private infusion rooms for patients receiving longer treatments or those who need more complex support.

Nurses’ stations are located throughout the Day Hospital to ensure patients are closely monitored, and each infusion area is connected to a nurse call system for an extra measure of safety. Every care setting includes accommodations for the patient’s family or friends, and every private room has direct access to a bathroom.

Private Room Facilities

The Day Hospital’s private room facilities—coupled with its highly skilled oncology nursing staff—enable patients to receive the equivalent of inpatient care in an outpatient setting. Many chemotherapy patients who would normally need to be hospitalized will be able to receive their medical treatments during the day and then go home in the evening. Research shows that being able to eat and sleep at home promotes faster patient recovery.

Extended Hours Offer Flexibility

Many cancer patients struggle to balance their therapy needs with job and family responsibilities. To help patients maintain this balance, the Day Hospital is open seven days a week, with extended evening, weekend and holiday hours.