Alector (FTD)


This project is being done to determine if the experimental drug AL001 is effective and safe in treating individuals who have a known progranulin gene mutation that causes FTD, when compared to placebo (a solution that contains no active AL001 drug).

General Eligibility

  • Known pre-symptomatic or symptomatic carriers of a heterozygous loss-of-function GRN mutation causative of FTD
  • 18 – 85 years old
  • Suitable study partner

PLEASE consult Dr. Granadillo to send patient for genetic counseling and testing for the GRN mutation. This is for clinical purposes and not part of the research study. It will, however, determine if the subject might participate in the study. 

Primary Investigator: Elias Granadillo, MD
Lead Coordinator: Peter Kraegel (Back-up: Karen Schmidt)

Status: Currently Enrolling

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