Phase II Study Analyzing Pulsed Reduced Dose Radiotherapy in Upfront Glioblastoma (PRORADGLIO Study)

Protocol No

In this study we want to find out more about an investigational radiation treatment, pulsed
reduced dose radiotherapy in people with brain cancer. We want to find out whether the
investigational treatment is as good or better than standard radiation treatment for brain cancer.
Everyone in this study will receive chemoradiation. We are testing pulsed reduced dose
radiotherapy to see what effect it has on brain cancer. We don’t know if this study will help you.
Your condition may get better but it could stay the same or even get worse. We hope the
information from this study will help us develop a better treatment for brain cancer in the future.
Radiation therapy is standard treatment for brain cancer. The pulsed reduced dose radiotherapy is not FDA approved.

This project is being done to to assess the efficacy of substituting Pulsed Reduced Dose
Radiotherapy (pRDR) for standard radiation therapy in the treatment of Glioblastoma
Participating Institutions
Drexel Town Center
Froedtert Hospital