Recognition of Circulating Tumor DNA in Soft Tissue Sarcoma

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A tissue biopsy is currently the only clinical test or procedure that is able to confirm the initial diagnosis of soft tissue or metastatic sarcoma and evaluate its progress during treatment. However, tissue biopsy collection can be challenging (depending on the location of the tumor), and this procedure poses physical risks to the patient. In addition, it is difficult to accurately assess the impact of treatment; we generally depend on scans, like CT or MRI, to understand a cancer’s response, but these are imperfect.

In this project, we would like to collect blood samples at the time a sample of your tumor is collected as part of routine care before you start treatment. We would like to analyze both your blood and tumor, in hopes of identifying new biomarkers of sarcoma that can help the study doctors better diagnose sarcoma for patients in the future without needing to collect a piece of their tumor.

A biomarker is something found in your blood, other body fluids, or tissues that can be used to measure the progress of disease, how a treatment is working, or its likelihood of being successful. In this project, we would like to compare ctDNA from your blood to the DNA in your tumor. ctDNA, or circulating tumor DNA, is DNA originating from your tumor that is present in your blood. These ctDNA biomarkers may also help the study doctors detect how a patient is responding to their treatment or help predict their response to future treatment

Recognition of Circulating Tumor DNA in Soft Tissue Sarcoma
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