The Froedtert Health Financial Assistance Program is designed to assist patients who are unable to pay their hospital bills.

Patients who qualify for the program will receive care with no obligation or discounted obligation to pay for services. A simple application must be completed in order to apply for the Financial Assistance Program. Froedtert Health determines eligibility based on income, assets and family size.

Patients are responsible for providing information requested during the qualification process and will continue to receive bills until eligibility has been determined.

Please ask a financial counselor or customer service representative for more information about this program.

Please take a moment to review our Financial Assistance Policy.

Financial Assistance Policy

Financial assistance may be provided to qualified patients who:

  • Have or will receive medically necessary services at a Froedtert Health entity.
  • Have cooperated with the respective hospital in seeking out and applying for other potentially available financial assistance programs.
  • Have exhausted any and all insurance and other available financial assistance programs such as Medicaid or BadgerCare.
  • Lack the financial resources to pay for services rendered at a Froedtert Health entity.

Patients who have insurance or other third party sources of payment for their health care may still qualify for financial assistance for the portion of the hospital bill that may be their own personal obligation to pay. Examples are deductibles and co-payments.

Contact Patient Financial Services for more information on financial assistance.

Communication to Patients

Froedtert Health will communicate to patients the availability of financial assistance. Froedtert Health will provide uninsured patients information to ensure each patient understands the financial obligations she/he is incurring by receiving health care services. Brochures, available to all patients at registration, explain the hospital policy for billing and payment of services. In addition, information will be available on each entity's website. Patients also have the opportunity to speak with a financial counselor. Froedtert Health will assist patients in identifying and applying for government assistance programs for which the patients may be eligible.






Collection of information from applicants is required when determining eligibility for Financial Assistance programs. Froedtert Health staff will be available to assist applicants in thoroughly and accurately completing the Application for Financial Assistance, including obtaining appropriate supporting documentation. Froedtert Health will also take steps to address any special needs of the applicant such as hearing or visual impairment or language interpretation.

Patients who are eligible for health insurance coverage through their employer but who have elected not to enroll in the offered health insurance plan may not qualify for Financial Assistance. Uninsured patients will be required to supply a letter from their employer verifying that health insurance benefits were not offered. If health insurance benefits were offered, the employer's letter must include the date the patient became eligible for coverage and the required employee contribution.

Froedtert Health will attempt to determine if patients qualify for the Financial Assistance Program before services are rendered (based on an estimate of charges). However, the determination of eligibility for Financial Assistance can occur before, during, or after treatment, or at any time during the billing and collection process prior to the account being turned over to a collection agency. Regardless of when the determination of eligibility is actually made, a patient's income, assets and overall financial situation on the date of service will be used to make the eligibility determination.





Failure to Cooperate

A patient's Application for Financial Assistance will be automatically denied and all patient account balances will be due from the patient if any of the following should occur: Failure to return the completed application and requested documentation within ten days of receiving the Application. Failure by an applicant to follow through, in any manner, with all applications for Federal, State, County or other assistance programs. Failure by the applicant to cooperate in applying for external financial assistance programs for which the patient may qualify. Falsified information on the Application for Financial Assistance. Patients injured in the act of committing a crime. Patients waiting for a liability settlement from a third party.






Financial Assistance is available to patients who reside in approved zip codes. Patients who do not reside in the approved zip codes will not qualify for financial assistance if they choose to receive services, including medically necessary services, when other local providers exist. Exceptions may be made for patients residing outside of the approved zip codes when the patient receives care that the hospital is uniquely qualified to provide including specialty care referrals, hospital transfers, and Emergency Department visits.





Other Providers

Professional fees billed by physicians, radiologists, anesthesiologists or other providers not affiliated with Froedtert & Community Health are not included within the scope of this policy. Patients requesting Financial Assistance discounts on these bills will be directed to the billing provider.