Froedtert Hospital's community benefit efforts are based on identified needs within a community needs assessment. The needs assessment, typically conducted every three years, is a collaborative process often including health care providers, public health departments and other community organizations dedicated to creating a healthier community.

The needs assessments generally include:

  • Quantitative data
  • Qualitative data
  • Direct community input

Identified needs vary and can include issues that require community attention to such topics as:
  • Chronic Disease Prevention & Management
  • Mental Health
  • Access to Primary and Specialty Care
  • Prevention and Wellness
  • Injury & Violence
  • Housing Issues
  • Transportation
  • Education

Results from community needs assessments assist us in targeting areas of focus and are utilized to draft community benefit plans.

Hope to Health Campaign

The Medical College of Wisconsin and Froedtert Hospital have launched a campaign to turn the hope that we all share into the health we all deserve. This unprecedented philanthropic initiative is aimed at addressing our most urgent priorities: accelerating research and advancing patient care, driving health and vitality with our community, transforming health care education, and leading the way in cancer research and care. With your support, we can turn Hope to Health for our region, our state and beyond.

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