A heart scan, also known as a cardiac (coronary) calcium score scan, is a simple, noninvasive CT scan (computed tomography) of the heart performed without contrast. The scan provides doctors images of the arteries in the heart that can be evaluated to determine a calcium score or Agatston score, based on the amount of plaque in your arteries.

Your likelihood of developing or having heart disease correlates with your calcium score. The lower your calcium score and percentile rank, the less likely you are to have a cardiac event compared to other men or women your age.

The score can range from 0 to more than 400. Any score over 100 means that you are likely to have heart disease. The higher your score, the greater your chance of having a heart attack.

Depending on your risk score your doctor can work with you to determine if medications or lifestyle modifications may be needed to reduce the risk of heart attack or other heart problems.

Who Should Get a Heart Scan?

If you have not been diagnosed with heart disease, but have risk factors for heart disease, you are a candidate for a heart scan. If interested in a heart scan, ask your provider to place an order with the Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin health network. Once an order is placed you can schedule a heart scan by calling 414-777-1900.

We offer heart scans at several locations — Froedtert Hospital, Froedtert Menomonee Falls Hospital Froedtert West Bend Hospital and Moorland Reserve Health Center.

Does insurance cover a heart scan?

Heart scans are available for a one-time, self-pay cost of $99. Your insurance will not be billed for this service. You can, however, call your insurance to discuss potential reimbursement claims for the heart scan.

Advanced Coronary Artery Disease Diagnostics

Your provider will review your heart scan, risk factors, family history and symptoms. Depending on your unique needs, your provider will choose from among these state-of-the-art diagnostic and imaging capabilities.

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