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When time is of the essence, we offer special care and comfort for you and your family during a stressful time. From the Emergency Medical Services providers who bring you in, to our staff, the entire pathway of care is integrated and patient-centered — designed to optimize your health outcome.

*In an emergency, dial 911.

The Only Adult Level I Trauma Center in Eastern Wisconsin

Our adult Level I Trauma Center and Flight for Life provide emergency patients with unmatched resources for lifesaving care.

Additional Resources

When to Choose Emergency Care

A medical emergency is any condition that, if left untreated, could cause severe harm or even death. Knowing the warning signs of a medical emergency and when to seek emergency care can save lives.

Be Ready for an Emergency

While you can't plan for an emergency, you can be prepared when an emergency occurs. For health care emergencies, it is important to know what to do and what information to have ready.

Stop the Bleed. Save a Life.

When injuries involve uncontrolled bleeding, death can happen in mere minutes. Every second counts in a trauma situation. That's where you can help.

Sexual Assault Treatment

Sexual assault can happen to anyone. Our Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner program is available to anyone who has experienced sexual contact or behavior without consent.

Brian Murphy Credits Remaining Calm and Trauma Team

"I remember it well." The retired police lieutenant recounts the day of his response to an active shooter and describes how the life he leads now would be dramatically different if not for the trained staff who treated him.