To reach the sexual assault nurse examiner, call 262-836-5600.

Sexual assault can happen to anyone — male or female, of any age. Sexual assault is any sexual contact or behavior that happens without your consent. It is not limited to rape. It can include unwanted sexual touching or forcing you to perform oral sex or other sexual acts. The perpetrator does not have to be a stranger — it can be someone you know — even a relative, friend, intimate partner or spouse.

If It Happens to You, Remember:

You are not alone. It’s never your fault. Sexual assault and sexual abuse are never caused by what you wear, what you do or what you say.

If you’ve experienced a sexual assault, it’s important to consider these steps:

  1. As soon as you can, go to a safe place.
  2. Tell someone you trust that you need help.
  3. Get medical care for injuries or any risks to your health, such as sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), including HIV, or pregnancy.
  4. Think about reporting the assault. If you will report it, save all the clothes you were wearing at the time of the assault. Also, try not to rinse your mouth, bathe, wash, shower or douche.
  5. Get professional help to cope with the emotions you are experiencing.

Medical Help for Sexual Assault

Anyone who has experienced a sexual assault can use the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Program (SANE) located at our Emergency Departments — regardless of your age, gender or ability to pay. This program includes a nurse with special training in helping survivors of sexual assault, as well as a team of trained caregivers. They will treat you with compassion and sensitivity to your needs and situation.

The Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Program provides:

  • Medical assessment and treatment
  • Emotional support and initial counseling
  • Medical/legal evidence collection using a rape kit (when seen within 120 hours of the assault)
  • Pregnancy risk assessment, if appropriate
  • Emergency contraception and STD prophylaxis
  • Follow-up telephone call to answer questions about previous treatment and counseling
  • Information about reporting the crime to police:
    • If you’re an adult, you can choose whether or not to report the sexual assault or rape to law enforcement. No matter what you decide, SANE nurses and advocates will strongly support your decision.
    • Reporting an assault is mandatory if the victim is younger than 18
  • Help with crime victim's compensation
  • Education and resource information


The Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Program is available at all Froedtert & MCW Emergency Departments.

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Information Resources

High-Caliber Emergency Departments

  • Based on the most current recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, our emergency departments screen emergency patients ages 18 to 64 for HIV if they are having blood work done. You can decide if you do not want to be tested for HIV. You will receive care and treatment no matter what you choose.

    Test results may be available while you are in the Emergency Department. If you leave before your test results are available, they will be available in the Froedtert & MCW app and MyChart. You may be contacted by a member of your care team if you need follow-up testing or care.

    Our HIV Care and Prevention Program is here to help answer questions about your HIV test after you leave the Emergency Department. You can reach them at 414-805-6444.

    Learn more about HIV screening, treatment and prevention.