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Racism continues to be a threat to the health of our community.


As a health care organization, we often care for people who have been impacted by racism. We are used to treating symptoms that cause people pain. Sometimes these symptoms are traced to our community, while some may be in our own organization. We do our part to treat the symptoms of racism in both areas.

We will help end racism and racial disparities in health care by:

  1. Treating people with dignity and respect
  2. Examining our own biases
  3. Measuring, tracking and reviewing our policies and practices to meet the needs of everyone we serve
  4. Leading change in our communities

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Healthy Community Conversation

The Healthy Community Conversation focus was on racism as a public health crisis, as well as the importance of organizational and personal leadership.

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Our Commitment

Reducing Bias

We will make health care fair for every patient by:

  • Requiring staff to go to learning sessions about unconscious bias – opinions we form about people without knowing it. This helps us understand and correct how past beliefs can affect the care we give.
  • Teaching patient care staff to better know how to care for all people across the diversity spectrum.
  • Hosting conversations with staff so we can all have open and brave talks about racial justice.

Employment/Career Development

We work to develop a more diverse staff so we can better represent the people we serve. We do this by:

  • Fostering a culture of belonging through employee-led Diversity Action Teams and Business Resource groups. These groups focus on Black/African American and Latinx staff experience, as well as military veterans, LGBTQ+ and women leaders.
  • Working with with high schools and colleges to support education, job training and employment.
  • Recruiting staff to increase diversity at all levels.
  • Developing staff for leadership and board governance roles so we can better represent the people we serve.

Health Equity

We help make health care fair for diverse communities by:

  • Tracking health information of patients to guide solutions to improve their wellness.
  • Working with communities to teach about health issues that affect them.
  • Partnering with organizations that help reduce social impacts on health.

Supplier Diversity

Our supplier diversity efforts help build connections with our communities. Our practices include:

  • Using tools, like certified diverse supplier lists, and connecting with chambers of commerce to increase minority-owned business partners.
  • Our Mentor Protégé program brings together established contractors with minority-owned contractors to create partnerships (approx. $1.3 million spent in fiscal year 2020).
  • Offering networking and mentoring opportunities for local minority-owned suppliers, even if they don’t work with Froedtert Health.
  • Setting spending goals with minority-owned businesses and making sure our vendors do the same. Froedtert Health spent more than $26 million spent in fiscal year 2020 with minority-owned businesses.

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Our Commitment to Help End Racism in Health Care

Racism continues to be a threat in our community. As a health care organization, we are committing to helping end racism and racial disparities in health care by examining our own biases, evaluating our policies to ensure they meet the needs of everyone we serve, leading change in our community and more.

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