One of the benefits of seeking care at an academic medical center is that the doctors who care for you are the very same ones who are researching new and innovative treatment options and diagnostic techniques. 

Otolaryngology Research Projects

Many of our ear, nose and throat specialists are actively involved in research projects.

  • A National Institutes of Health-supported study of aspirin-related drugs that may slow the growth of head and neck cancer cells. Aspirin-related compounds have been used to treat pain for thousands of years, but recent research has shown the potential of these drugs to prevent cancer and also increase the effect of cancer treatment.
  • A study examining potential chemopreventive, or cancer-preventing, agents, specifically, substances that might aid in cancer prevention.
  • Studies involving new treatment options for sleep apnea, including clinical trials of new treatment modalities for this challenging disease.
  • Clinical trials to prevent ototoxicity during chemotherapy for cancer.
  • Quality of Life studies for survivors of head and neck cancer treatment.
  • Studies involving the role of reflux on promoting laryngeal disease and cancer.
  • Studies designed to improve cochlear implant programming. Cochlear implants can help patients hear, but people with cochlear implants don’t perceive sound the same way as people with intact natural hearing. Our scientist-physicians are studying the ways in which people with cochlear implants hear and respond to music. They hope to discover information that will eventually allow them to reprogram cochlear implants to help people hear more naturally.

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