Whether your vision problem is simple or complex, the Eye Institute has the resources to diagnose your condition, start you on a treatment and help you get back to ordinary life. In addition, because we are a national research center, we offer our patients the latest vision care possible. In fact, by participating in clinical trials, patients can often receive "next generation" treatments before the general public.

Comprehensive Eye Care

The physicians, optometrists, and staff of the Eye Institute provide the most comprehensive eye care in southeastern Wisconsin, from routine check-ups to emergency care and from the most advanced eye surgery to proven rehabilitation techniques. Our team includes specialists and subspecialists for the entire range of eye conditions. In addition, the Institute's Diagnostic Labs offer a full complement of up-to-date testing technology.

Our breadth and depth of service means we can approach your vision problems from every angle. For example, a patient with macular degeneration receiving help in our Vision Rehabilitation program also has full access to specialists in the Retina Service. By the same token, a retina patient with glaucoma can tap into the expertise of our Glaucoma Service physicians. No matter what your condition, your Eye Institute doctor can pull in specialists and resources to build the vision care team you need.

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Recommended Eye Exams

The Eye Institute recommends that adults who have no previous signs of eye problems and are not in a high-risk group for eye disease receive a comprehensive eye exam from an ophthalmologist according to the following recommendations of the American Academy of Ophthalmology: 

Age Frequency of Examination
65 or older every 1 or 2 years
40 to 64 every 2 to 4 years
30 to 39 at least twice during period
20 to 29 at least once during period