The Finance Fellowship Program is a 12-month rotation-based training program that provides an opportunity for the Fellow to develop a broad understanding of the finance function, enhance his or her analytic capability and develop leadership skills. The Fellow will gain this knowledge through a combination of experiences which include observation and reflection, project ownership and practical application, self-study and exposure to management throughout the organization.

Fellows are given challenging projects to develop analytical, finance and health care operations skills with exposure to key metrics, concepts, facilities and structure, terms, regulating bodies, clinical services, industry trends, systems, applications and platforms.

Fellows will be paired with a mentor throughout the program who will provide guidance and support to the Fellow. This also serves as an opportunity to network and connect with leaders and co-workers throughout the organization in various departments.

Program Activities

The Finance Fellowship Program provides the Fellow with exposure to various departments within the Finance function.  The Fellow will rotate within the following departments.

  • Finance and Operations
  • Supply Chain
  • Revenue Cycle/Managed Care
  • Enterprise Analytics
  • Decision Support/Financial Planning
  • Hospital Operations

At the start of the program, the Fellow will participate in a weeklong boot camp in which various leaders will present numerous healthcare topics to acclimate the Fellows to the organization and the healthcare industry.

Within each rotation, the Fellow will attend meetings, assume responsibility for projects and assist in supporting key strategic goals.  At the completion of each rotation, the Fellow will exemplify leadership skills by presenting what was learned and by training the incoming rotating Fellow, as applicable.


  • Targeting undergraduate students nearing graduation with a focus in finance, business administration or related field
  • Recommended 3.0 GPA
  • Full Time (40 hours)

Job Standards

  • Achieves specific accountabilities:
    • Attends key meetings and actively listens/participates appropriately.
    • Completes assignments on time and to expected standards.
    • Gains comprehensive understanding of each rotation’s function and how that function supports the organization.
    • Gains basic understanding and knowledge of the healthcare system (i.e. key metrics, concepts, facilities and structure, terms, regulating bodies, clinical services, industry trends, systems and applications).
  • Supports the philosophy, policies and procedures of Froedtert Health.
  • Meets personal goals as determined in collaboration with executive sponsor and program mentor.

Application Process

The following are required as part of initial application:

  • Resume
  • Unofficial transcripts (mailed directly from school or college, or uploaded directly in this portal)
  • Personal statement of interest (This is meant to reveal who the applicant is as a person that isn't necessarily captured within the resume or transcripts.)

Not required as part of initial application but may be requested during interview process:

  • Two letters of recommendation (from manager, professor or coach)
  • Presentation (on skills, competencies or completed projects)

Potential candidates will be invited for interviews.

For questions regarding our fellowship, please contact Becca Sujecki or Thomas Johnson.

Accepting applications for FY23 Fellows with a start date in July 2022.

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