When seriously ill or injured patients need quick transport — from a trauma site or another medical facility — Flight For Life is the answer.

Flight for Life is equipped with two helicopters, which are staffed with specially trained health care professionals, Flight For Life is the link between ill or injured people and the resources they need for optimal medical care.

The primary headquarters is located at Crites field in Waukesha. Flight For Life operates bases at the Burlington and Hartford municipal airports, as well as a helipad and hangar facility atop Froedtert Hospital. These facilities allow for refueling, training and other operations at Froedtert, the primary destination for most Flight For Life trauma patients.

Flight For Life is on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. To learn more about this valuable service, visit flightforlife.org.

Drone Operators

Hospital helipads are considered airports and drones are considered unmanned aircraft by the FAA. As such, drone operators are required to comply with certain flight regulations and restrictions, including notifying the hospital if a drone will be flying within five miles of a hospital.