Physicians in the Gynecologic Cancer Program care exclusively for patients with reproductive cancers. The deliver a consistent, coordinated approach that translates into the most optimal treatment for each individual.

As a team, these specialists suggest treatment plans based on a thorough review of many factors, including pathology and radiologic imaging reports, the patient’s health status, reproductive age, type and stage of cancer. Experienced clinical staff, including nurses who care exclusively for women with gynecologic cancer, educate patients and families and provide support from the time of diagnosis, through treatment and beyond.

Other experts who are a critical part of treatment and recovery include a physical medicine and rehabilitation team that specializes in helping patients manage physical effects that can occur with cancer and its treatment (lymphedema, fatigue, range of motion issues). In addition, a neuro-psychologist assesses and treats women for cognitive effects that may occur with cancer and its treatment through the Neuro-Oncology Cognitive Clinic.

Gynecologic Oncologists

Janet Sue Rader, MD,FACOG,

Rader, Janet Sue  MD FACOG

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Erin Bishop, MD,

Bishop, Erin  MD

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William H Bradley, MD,

Bradley, William H.  MD

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Denise S Uyar, MD,

Uyar, Denise S.  MD

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Radiation Oncologist


Erickson, Beth A.  MD FACR FASTRO FABR

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Gynecologic Pathologists

Juan Felix, MD,

Felix, Juan  MD

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Peter VanTuinen, PhD,

VanTuinen, Peter  PhD

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Mary Beth Gonyo, MD,

Gonyo, Mary Beth  MD

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Francisco A Quiroz, MD,FSRU,FAIUM,

Quiroz, Francisco A.  MD FSRU FAIUM

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Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Oksana Y Sayko, MD,

Sayko, Oksana Y.  MD

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Jennifer M Connelly, MD,

Connelly, Jennifer M.  MD

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Advanced Practice Practitioners

Lisa Caravella, MSN,APNP,FNP,

Caravella, Lisa  MSN APNP FNP

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Kristen A Streitenberger, PA-C,

Streitenberger, Kristen A.  PA-C

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Genetic Counselors

Morgan M Depas, MS,CGC,

Depas, Morgan M.  MS CGC

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Jennifer Geurts, MS,CGC,

Geurts, Jennifer  MS CGC

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Amanda J Jacquart, MS,CGC,

Jacquart, Amanda J.  MS CGC

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Samantha M Stachowiak, MS,CGC,

Stachowiak, Samantha M.  MS CGC

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Exceptional Staff

Ashley Boehrig, APNP, Oncology Nurse
Claudia Bojar, BSN, RN, Oncology Nurse
Lori Lierman, CMS, RN, Oncology Nurse
Maggie Misland, BSN, RN, Oncology Nurse

Melissa Minkley, MSW, OSWC
Ann Marie Uselmann, MSW, LCSW

Registered Dietitians
Dena McDowell, RD
Kara Sonntag, RD
Raina Roeder, RD

Social Worker
Jacqueline Grams, LCSW

Financial Counselors
David Kaye
Vicki Fohl

Precious Akinsanya, Research Coordinator
Taylor Anglin, Research Assistant
Chelsea Bodoh, Grants Coordinator
Qiana Christian, Research Coordinator
Caroline Herdeman, Research Coordinator
Katrina Monson, Research Coordinator
Deb Nischik, Research Nurse
Maria Peyer, Research Nurse
Mary Pipkin, RN, Clinical Research Nurse
Sukanya Skandaraja, Research Manager
Ashwini Verma, Research Coordinator
Miranda Wenzlaff, Research Coordinator

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