Admission Requirements

Applicants for admission must have completed high school or the equivalent, and must have completed post-secondary education including the following courses:

  1. Chemistry with laboratory
  2. College algebra or above
  3. General physics
  4. Radiation biology*
  5. Human anatomy and physiology (two courses, each with laboratory)
  6. Cross-sectional anatomy*
  7. Medical terminology content
  8. Oral and written communications courses
  9. Statistics
  10. Additional courses (highly recommended)
    • Medical ethics
    • Nuclear chemistry
    • Organic Chemistry or Biochemistry
    • Quantitative Analysis

*Nonaffiliated interns who have not taken radiation biology and cross-sectional anatomy will be required to take these courses during their internship. The program will provide these courses for an additional charge.

Applicants will only be accepted from one of the following categories:

  1. Registered Radiologic Technologists with required post-secondary college courses
  2. Persons with a Bachelor of Science in chemistry, biology, physics or medical technology with required post-secondary college courses
  3. Persons affiliated with the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, St. Cloud University, Wisconsin Lutheran College or Luther College to complete their requirements in Nuclear Medicine Technology for their Baccalaureate Degree

Admission Process

In addition, prospective students must: 

  • Complete official school application
  • Submit official transcripts of all college courses; official transcripts should be mailed directly from the school/college
  • Submit three letters of recommendation (download PDF of recommendation form).

Applicants to the program are processed after they submit applications with three written references and transcripts of their academic records. Acceptance is based on satisfactory qualifications, (as listed in the “Accreditation Standards for Nuclear Medicine Technologists" by the Joint Review Committee on Educational Programs in Nuclear Medicine Technology) acceptable academic performance, and interviews with at least two members of the faculty.

All applicants are considered equally for admission without regard to their religion, race, color, sex or ethnic origin. The Nuclear Medicine/PET Technology Program guarantees equal opportunity for all. Participation in the program will be contingent on the successful completion of a physical examination.

Upon acceptance, the student will be provided with a student handbook containing the school's policies and procedures. If an applicant wishes to see the student handbook, he/she can do so by scheduling an appointment with the program director or education director.

Application Deadline

Completed application deadline for the annual July class is Dec. 31. Applications are considered complete once all requirements have been received (transcripts, completed application, three letters of recommendation). Applications received after the deadline will be considered for the following year. A personal interview is required to complete an application. Applicants are informed of their status by the end of March.

Personal & Technical Characteristics

  • Must be able to hear patient calling for assistance
  • Must be sympathetic and tactful
  • Must be dependable
  • Must be a good listener
  • Must be accurate with records and detail
  • Must be able to work under pressure
  • Must be able to coordinate eye-hand movements
  • Must be able to lift heavy patients
  • Must be able to see a television image
  • Must be able to reach extensively
  • Must be able to accept responsibility

Each student will be expected to devote full time to the training program and will not be permitted to hold  full-time outside employment without prior approval by the program director. Unsatisfactory progress in the training or irresponsible conduct, such as failure to follow rules and regulations of the Nuclear Medicine/PET Program and/or Nuclear Regulatory Commission, can result in the student's dismissal from the program. Re-entrance for a student dismissed for unsatisfactory progress or irresponsible conduct will require reapplication to the program.

Student Health

All new students must have a physical examination by Froedtert Hospital Occupational Health before the first day of class. Students are expected to have their own health insurance and are responsible for all medical, dental and/or pharmaceutical costs while in attendance in this program.