PGY1 Pharmacy Practice Resident — Ambulatory Focus


Kansas City, Mo.

Pharmacy School/Graduation Year

University of Missouri-Kansas City, 2018

PGY1 Rotations

Anticoagulation, Anemia, Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Pulmonology, Rheumatology, Hospital Discharge Care Program, Academia (CUW), New Service Development, Administration, CMU

PGY1 Residency Project

Pharmacist Post-Discharge COPD Care Service

Why did you choose to pursue a residency?

I chose to pursue a residency in order to enhance my clinical knowledge, problem solving skills, and communication abilities so I can practice at the top of my license and better serve my patients.

What attracted you to the Froedtert & MCW pharmacy residency program?

I ultimately want to work with patients in the ambulatory care setting so the fact that Froedtert Hospital offers a PGY1 with ambulatory focus was a huge draw for me. I was impressed by the extent at which pharmacists are utilized in both primary care and specialty clinics and the rate at which pharmacy services continue to expand. On interview day, I felt that the preceptors were truly excited to work with residents and would provide the challenging yet supportive environment I was looking for.

Professional Interests

Ambulatory care with focus on diabetes management, anticoagulation, and transitions of care


Spending time with friends and family, watching sports, playing volleyball, and traveling.

Favorite Things to Do in Milwaukee

I like to try new restaurants and be outside by the lake.

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