These physicians are available for lectures and programs on geriatrics and senior health. New topics are in italics.

Angela Beckert, MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine
Frailty and Preoperative Assessment

Kathryn Denson, MD, Professor of Medicine
Geriatric Assessment
Hospice and Palliative Care
Living/Housing Options for Seniors

Steven Denson, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine
Abuse and Neglect of Elders
Delirium in the Geriatric Patient
Geriatric Rehabilitation

Edmund Duthie, MD, Chief of Geriatrics, Professor of Medicine
Delirium in the Geriatric Patient
Falls in the Geriatric Patient
Successful Aging
Urinary Incontinence
Vision and Hearing Loss in Late Life

Cara O’Brien, MD, Assistant Professor, Division of Geriatrics, Department of Medicine
Urinary Incontinence

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