We appreciate the opportunity to collaborate in the ongoing care of your patients. To assist you with your preoperative evaluation, below are preoperative resources to prepare your patients for surgical procedures at Froedtert & MCW facilities including information regarding standard documentation, testing, and patient education.

Please fax completed preoperative documentation to our Preoperative Clinic at 414-805-7210.

Preoperative Documentation Standards

Surgery will not be performed unless the proper documentation has been recorded and provided. Review the preoperative documentation standards.

Preoperative History and Physical

A preoperative history and physical must be completed up to or no more than 30 days before the patient's procedure. Use the following template for completing a preoperative history and physical.

Recommended Perioperative Medication Management

Certain medications should and should not be continued up to and including the day of surgery. View the recommended perioperative medication management list.

Algorithm for Management of Perioperative Antiplatelet Therapy

Management of antiplatelet agents in patients undergoing non-cardiac invasive procedures at Froedtert Hospital is important. View recommendations for management of perioperative antiplatelet therapy.

Preoperative Patient Medication Instructions

Preoperative medication instructions should be given to patients prior to surgery. View a list of preoperative patient medication instructions.

Preoperative Patient Instructions

Pre-surgery instructions should be given to the patient about when to stop eating in advance of surgery, when and where to arrive, what to bring and what to expect. View a list of preoperative patient instructions to be provided by the RN prior to surgery.

Preoperative Diagnostic Study Indications

When ordering preoperative diagnostic studies, we suggest using the diagnostic study indications protocol created in the Froedtert Hospital PAT Clinic (preoperative clinic). View the preoperative diagnostic study indications and the guidelines for preoperative echocardiography.

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