A hernia is a bulge or sac of intestine, another organ or fat which protrudes through a hole or weak area in the muscles of the abdominal wall. There are several types of hernias that are classified based on the severity and location of the hernia. Anyone can get a hernia, including people of all ages, races and both sexes.

Expert Care for all Types of Hernias

Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin provide expert hernia care in the Milwaukee area for simple and complex hernias. Hernia surgeons at Froedtert Hospital are also part of the Robert E. Condon, MD, Hernia Institute, a Medical College of Wisconsin Center of Excellence. Our surgeons focus on a broad range of abdominal wall defects, ranging from inguinal hernias to those that may require complex abdominal wall reconstruction. Learn more about the different types of hernias we treat.

Comprehensive Treatment Options

We have a wealth of experience in treating all types of hernias. From the simple to the complex, we use a patient oriented, team approach to hernia care.

Our comprehensive team will work to properly diagnose your hernia and determine the best treatment plan based on your individual causes and symptoms, risks and needs. Whenever possible, we offer a minimally invasive hernia repair and use the latest techniques available. Learn more about the different hernia treatment options we offer.

High Volume of Hernia Repair Means Optimal Outcomes

Medical College of Wisconsin hernia surgeons do a high volume of hernia repair. Research shows that surgeons who perform a high volume of a specific procedure are able to provide more optimal outcomes for their patients. Hernias are more likely to recur when repaired by surgeons who perform a low volume of hernia surgeries.

Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin are also active in research to develop advanced hernia treatments and help translate research into improved options for patients.

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