Many patients like the convenience of infusion treatments in the comfort of their own home. If you prefer and your insurance allows, the Froedtert Infusion Therapy team can come to your home to administer your treatment.

Home infusion has been around for over 40 years, as many conditions requiring these therapies don't require that you be at a hospital. Home infusion allows you to receive care where it is most comfortable and convenient for you. It also reduces your risk of hospital-associated injury or infection.

If you choose home infusion therapy, our team meets with you before you leave the hospital or clinic. We will go over how you will receive your medication and what to expect when receiving home infusion. We also provide written instructions, and a pharmacy team member is available 24 hours a day in case you need assistance. Before you start home infusion, our team will contact you to set up an in-home visit to teach you and your caregiver about the equipment and therapy you will use.

Home infusion service area, including our infusion suites in Menomonee Falls, Oak Creek, Waukesha and Wauwatosa.

Our team includes registered nurses and pharmacists who help coordinate care with your doctor and care team. We will send you the medication and supplies you need before the visit. Our staff will work closely with you and your doctor to help manage your care and medications during therapy.

For more information on our home infusion services, talk with your provider or call 262-532-5040

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The Froedtert Infusion Therapy team does not do blood draws or other tests test in your home. A home health nurse would be responsible for any blood draws or collection. However, our pharmacists work closely with you and your provider to ensure you have labs ordered. We will review your lab work and make sure that you receive safe and optimal therapy. 

  • Medication delivery times vary and we will work with you to make sure you know when your delivery should be arriving. Please call 262-532-5124 with any delivery questions or concerns.

  • We try to deliver your medications and supplies once a week; however, this can depend on your medication’s expiration date, your lab results or changes in your doctor’s order.

    If you unexpectedly run low on supplies, please contact us at 262-532-5124. You can also communicate directly and securely with your care team via the My Chart application. Any urgent needs should be communicated via phone.

  • To avoid spreading infections, we are unable to accept returns of any medication or supplies.

    Used IV medication and any supplies can go in your regular garbage. This includes IV tubing, syringes with no needles, empty bags/syringes or unused supplies.

    For unused IV medication, contact your local take-back program to confirm if they can take back IV medications. If no programs are available, unused medication may be thrown in the trash. Mix medicines with an unpalatable substance, such as dirt, kitty litter or used coffee grounds.

    There are several ways you can dispose your sharps container. Check with your local health department for sharp disposal programs or refer to our home infusion waste disposal guide.

  • Be prepared by getting details about emergencies like tornados or blizzards before they happen. Always follow guidelines and orders given by local authorities. If possible, go to the nearest shelter when told by local authorities.

    During a disaster, your personal safety is our first concern. Let us know if you lose power, supplies or medicines. We’ll tell you how to manage your medicines. If you can’t reach us during an emergency, call a local emergency department or 911 for help.

    Please visit our Emergency Preparedness Resources for additional information.

    Visit for more emergency preparedness information.