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Ginger Knapp and Stephanie Luepnitz Recognized with SJH Excellence in Nursing and Support Personnel Awards

Ginger Knapp (left) and Stephanie Luepnitz

West Bend, Wis. — Ginger Knapp, Emergency Department RN from Hubertus, and Stephanie Luepnitz, lead Emergency Department technician from West Bend, have been awarded the 2019 St. Joseph’s Hospital Excellence in Nursing Award and Excellence in Nursing Support Personnel Award, respectively.

Ginger was selected for role modeling for other nurses, her calmness and coolness under pressure, her friendly and courteous manner, professionalism in various roles, and for her leadership, teaching and continuing education.

“Not only is she always kind and friendly to patients and their families but to staff and the people she oversees,” said Ginger’s nominator, Tony Scholten, STAT RN, Nursing Administration. “This is not an easy task to do, considering the chaos, overflowing capacities at times, the difficult family situations and circumstances and the degree of acuity and illness patients present with. Working in this department is not for the mild, meek or faint of heart — getting sworn or yelled at, getting hit, dealing with those individuals needing restraints or those needing security or police intervention are an everyday occurrence. Patients’ ages range from over 100 years old to newborns. Acute strokes, heart attacks, severe traumatic injuries, suicide attempts/ideations, drug overdose, severely intoxicated individuals, behavioral issues, pediatric populations with illnesses and injuries are readily seen. Ginger has a calmness and coolness about her to get the job done under the most pressing and difficult circumstances. She is a model nurse of how a nurse should act and react in an unpredictable environment.”

Ginger has held roles as charge RN, triage RN and staff RN. She has been a trainer for new nurse orientees and preceptors to nursing students. She teaches several courses for Froedtert and Children’s Hospital nurses, and assists at the nursing skills fair. Ginger achieved Level III as a nurse in 2011 and is currently pursuing her BSN.

Stephanie was selected for her involvement in many committees and quality teams, and her leadership with patient care improvements, including creating training orientation binders; reorganizing the department’s drawers to condense, categorize, and eliminate what is not being used; replacing blood pressure cuffs with new, disposable blood pressure cuffs for each patient; and reorganizing the PAR wall and sub-categorizing the stock so it’s easier to find supplies.

“This is only a small fraction of what this Stephanie has done in projects,” said her nominator, Janelle Wieczorek, Emergency Department RN. “She wanted her other support staff coworkers to be recognized for the great patient care and their never-ending and thankless duties they preform by creating an award that is strictly for support staff. This award is being adopted by other states. Stephanie inspires team effort and enthusiasm when it comes to projects that improve patient care and department flow. Stephanie is a resource for all, from patients, to nurses and support staff, to leadership and to the multiple committees she is on. She is a mentor and encourages support staff and nurses. This department would be lost if it was not for her. I cannot thank Stephanie enough for everything she does.”

The Excellence in Nursing Award recognizes the outstanding skills and contributions of individual members of the hospitals’ nursing staff. Candidates for the award have demonstrated excellence in their area of practice and in the delivery of quality care to patients and their families. They role-model teamwork and demonstrate leadership skills that positively influence patient care.

The Excellence in Nursing Support Personnel Award is designed to recognize the outstanding skills and contributions of individual members of the hospital’s nursing support personnel. The award provides an opportunity to celebrate the special care and important work of support personnel.

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