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West Bend nurse honored with St. Joseph’s Hospital award

West Bend, Wis. — Adam Kirchhoff, a resident of West Bend and an RN on the Medical/Surgical Unit, has been recognized with St. Joseph’s Hospital’s second quarter DAISY Award for his support and politeness.

“Not only has Adam gone above and beyond my expectations, he has been a source of knowledge and security during my stay,” said a nominating patient. “He has been so polite, helpful, supportive and understanding.”

“This nurse paid every attention to detail, from medication review, comfort care, hourly visitation and more,” said another patient nominator. “He has constant, genuine, desire for the welcome of his patient.”

The DAISY Foundation, an acronym for Diseases Attacking the Immune System, recognizes nurses as unsung heroes of our society who deserve more recognition and honor than they receive. More than 1,900 hospitals throughout the United States participate in The DAISY Award program.

The DAISY Foundation provides each recipient with a sculpture, “A Healer’s Touch,” which is hand-carved for the foundation by artists of the Shona Tribe in Zimbabwe. The sculpture is made of Serpentine stone that comes from the mountains “where the most powerful shaman” live in Zimbabwe. The foundation chose this design not only because it depicts the relationship nurses have with their patients, but also because the Shona people hold their healers in a position of great importance to the community and feel about their healers the way The DAISY Foundation and St. Joseph’s Hospital feel about nurses.

At St. Joseph’s Hospital, Adam was honored at a recent ceremony at which he received a certificate, pin and the sculpture.

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