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PGY1 Acute Care Pharmacy Resident


Green Bay, Wis.

Pharmacy School/Graduation Year

University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2022

PGY1 Rotations

DAART (Glucose Surveillance Team), Inpatient Oncology, Ambulatory Care Neurology, Medical ICU, Residency Program Administration, Infectious Diseases, Solid Organ Transplant

PGY1 Residency Project

Inhaled Corticosteroid De-escalation Protocol Development for Patients with COPD

Additional Residency Opportunities

Teaching Certificate, Research Certificate, Pain Stewardship Committee, PGY1 Conference Coordinator, Longitudinal APPE Mentor

Please select 3 words that you think best describe Froedtert Hospital

Patient Centered, Diverse Patient Population, Collaborative

Professional Interests

Oncology, Ambulatory Care


I love getting outside either sitting on a patio for happy hour or bringing my dog on a walk! I also enjoy travelling, working out, and reading.

Favorite Things to Do in Milwaukee

There is a never ending list of fun things to do in Milwaukee but my personal favorites include coffee by the lake, trying new restaurants and checking out festivals going on (there are TONS!)

Advice for Potential PGY1 Candidates

Figure out what is most important to you early on, things like location, rotation options, class size, certificate programs offered, etc., this can help you narrow down programs the easiest! Also keep an open mind, programs can always surprise you!