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PGY1 Acute Care Pharmacy Resident


Stevens Point, Wis.

Pharmacy School/Graduation Year

Medical College of Wisconsin – School of Pharmacy (2022)

PGY1 Rotations

OR, medical-ICU (Critical Care), CVICU (Critical Care), emergency medicine, clinical administration, CMU – pain stewardship, infectious diseases, cardiology, internal medicine

PGY1 Residency Project

Heparin Dosing in Obesity

Additional Residency Opportunities

Medication safety committee, Medical College of WI – School of Pharmacy teaching certificate, Medical College of WI research certificate, Saturday clinic for the uninsured

Please select 3 words that you think best describe Froedtert Hospital

Collaborative, innovative, adaptive

Professional Interests

Critical care, infectious diseases, cardiology, pharmacologic management of shock states, PK/PD alterations in sepsis, interdisciplinary teamwork, preceptorship


Anything active, my main hobbies are usually outside with skateboarding, distance running, ice hockey, or working out. Things I like to do when I’m not active include thrift shopping, listening to music, trying out new coffee/beers, and playing card games! I am also a huge baseball fan, so I am usually checking out my Bleacher Report app to keep track of my favorite sports teams in the St Louis Cardinals, St Louis Blues and Chelsea FC.

Favorite Things to Do in Milwaukee

My favorite things to do in Milwaukee are also centered around my main hobby of skateboarding, I love to cruise around the city and explore while looking for new skateparks and skate-spots to visit on a beautiful day! Otherwise I always enjoy hanging out with my co-residents and visiting new food/coffee spots. When not exploring the city for places to skateboard I also like looking for new thrift stores throughout the greater Milwaukee area to find cool used clothes and knickknacks!

Advice for Potential PGY1 Candidates

Take some time for yourself, I know I felt pressured by all of the deadlines and events associated with applying to your dream residency program but don’t forget to take time for yourself to decompress. Self-care is important so that you can present your best self when interacting with representatives of your top choice programs!