Our team of plastic surgeons is committed to providing women with every established alternative currently available in breast reconstruction. It is our practice philosophy that by combining artistry, sound surgical science and teamwork, we can provide the best possible outcome and most satisfying experience for our patients.


Most commonly the DIEP Flap and SIEA Flap are used in breast reconstruction immediately following mastectomy for breast cancer. Increasingly, women who did not have breast reconstruction following a mastectomy are pursuing delayed breast reconstruction, or reconstruction years after their mastectomy.

While a mastectomy on only one breast is more common, bilateral mastectomies (removal of both breasts) are performed in many women. Often, as in the case of women with the BRCA gene mutation, prophylactic mastectomy (surgically removing the breasts before any sign of cancer) is performed bilaterally. These patients make ideal candidates for DIEP Flap or SIEA Flap breast reconstruction. 

Breast Implant Problems

Women with problems related to breast implants also occasionally seek out breast reconstruction with their body’s own tissue. These are often patients who have had breast implants placed for breast reconstruction following breast cancer treatment, or sometimes women having some problem with implants placed for cosmetic breast augmentation.

Congenital Breast Abnormalities

Congenital breast abnormalities, such as those encountered by patients with Poland’s Syndrome, are also problems that can be treated with the DIEP Flap or SIEA Flap.  Often a breast implant is placed during the late teenage years followed by removal of the implant and more definitive reconstruction with the patient’s own tissue years later.

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