We define the quality of care provided in our health centers and clinics by preventing disease and how well we help our patients manage their chronic conditions. Prevention, early detection and disease management are proven not only to reduce health care costs for patients, but more importantly improve health and quality of life.

Patient Experience

Evidence shows that when patients have less anxiety, they are more likely to follow medical advice and also are more likely to report a positive health care experience. Whether they are working directly with patients or supporting someone who is, all Froedtert & MCW staff and physicians focus on creating the best possible experience for our patients.

Randomly selected patients of our health centers and clinics receive surveys by mail after their visit.

The numbers below reflect the percentage of clinic patients responding to the survey that gave our doctors or advanced practice providers the highest positive response.


Preventing Disease

Keeping you healthy is one of our most important goals. We can help you avoid getting sick by providing appropriate vaccinations when you visit our clinics. We encourage pneumonia and influenza vaccinations and provide patients with a host of appropriate, preventive screenings.


Managing Chronic Disease

Patients with chronic disease such as diabetes require intensive, ongoing care. How well our care teams help patients manage a chronic disease is an important indicator of our quality. Chronic disease management reflects a coordinated approach across professions to improve or control an individual’s health.

Froedtert & MCW Current Performance
Froedtert & MCW Per Publicly Reported Period
Froedtert Hospital Current Performance
Froedtert Hospital Per Publicly Reported Period
Community Memorial Hospital Current Performance
Community Memorial Hospital Per Publicly Reported Period
St.Joseph's Hospital Current Performance
St.Joseph's Hospital Per Publicly Reported Period


Improving Quality

What are we doing to get even better? 

  • We constantly assess quality results and survey feedback. 
  • We focus our efforts on the areas of greatest opportunity. 

Patient-Centered Medical Home Recognition

Learn more about Medical Home.

Many of our clinics are nationally recognized under the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) Patient-Centered Medical Home Recognition Programs. The Medical Home is a model for delivering health care that addresses each patient's full range of health and wellness during all stages of their life. 

We have redesigned and standardized our care models around the Patient-Centered Medical Home because we believe this is an exciting opportunity to transform the health of our community with a more patient-centered, proactive and evidence-based approach. 

For example, the survey asks our patients how promptly they received an appointment in one of our clinics. To improve access to our appointments, our clinics are re-writing appointment protocols, modified clinic schedules and expanded hours with the mantra “It will be easy for a patient to secure an appointment in our health network on the first patient contact with the right provider at the patient’s preferred location and time.” 

MyChart Access to Test Results and Care Team

How promptly a patient receives his or her test results and how well a provider listens are important to customer service. Our health network has embraced patients’ online access to portions of their medical record through MyChart, to make it easy to receive test results, view the personal health history, view summaries from clinic visits or hospital stays, schedule appointments, renew medication prescriptions and communicate with care teams. We encourage patients to sign-up for and use MyChart because we know their participation in their care will improve their overall health status.

Sign up for MyChart

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