Man with boxOur worker rehabilitation services provide quality, cost-effective rehabilitation and consultation for businesses and their employees in southeastern Wisconsin. Our focus is in serving employees whose work capacity has been affected by functional limitations resulting from injury. Our rehabilitation staff specializes in work injury treatment, ergonomics and job site evaluations.

Acute work injury rehabilitation services include:

  • Physical therapy, occupational therapy and hand therapy
  • Case management and return-to-work planning with the employers, case managers and claims representatives
  • Job-site services, including job analysis, ergonomic consultations, injury prevention education programs and transitional work program development
  • Functional capacity evaluations 
  • Job-specific preplacement protocol development and/or screening
  • Job description development

For employees with significant functional limitations or chronic conditions that are precluding return to work in physically demanding jobs, we also provide a Comprehensive Occupational Rehabilitation Program (formerly known as the Work Hardening Program) that includes education, job simulation and conditioning/fitness programs.

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