Injury prevention programs provided by the Worker Assessment & Rehabilitation Center are designed to address specific needs of each employer. Seminars are custom-designed to identify safety and ergonomic issues unique to the employer’s industry and work environment. Scope and types of services provided are selected by the employer.

Services Provided

A variety of services are provided at the work site, including:

  • Ergonomics consultation
  • Return-to-Work rehabilitation programs
  • Functional capacity evaluation
  • ADA consultation
  • Job-specific pre-placement screening
  • Vocational services
  • Employer needs assessment
  • Job analysis
  • Safety committee consultation

The therapist first tours the work site to identify ergonomic and body mechanics issues, which usually takes 1-3 hours. At least two weeks are required between the tour and training for program development. The actual training sessions are completed within 1 - 1-1/2 hours per session, with an optimal session size of 25 employees.

Licensed physical therapists, registered occupational therapists, certified hand therapists or physical therapy assistants will design educational programs and present them to employees at the work site. Scope and types of services provided are selected by the employer.

Expected Outcome

Educational seminars for managers, supervisors and employees are developed based on information obtained from the employer and the job-site consultation. The seminars address body mechanics and other injury prevention techniques specific to the employee’s job and provide hands-on demonstration and practice of techniques.

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