Froedtert Health (FH) and OCRICC are committed to delivering high-quality services and support to our customers and partners. In the event that you need to escalate a concern related to the FH administrative approval process through OCRICC, we want to work with you to quickly bring your issue to closure.

To facilitate resolution of any concern, we have designed an efficient escalation process to evaluate the situation, and if necessary, escalate it to an authority level where it can be resolved or a decision can be made. 

We are confident that this will promote rapid problem resolution and improved communication between Froedtert Health and research staff. 

When Should an Escalation be Initiated?

  • When working through OCRICC and the standard FH administrative approval process, you are not satisfied with the level or timeliness of service you have, or are, receiving.
  • When conflicts require mediation from someone at a higher level with a broader view of the project/program.
  • When an obstacle or barrier is identified that has tangible impact to your research project. 

What is the Process for Escalating?

  1. The first line of escalation for any issues related to the FH administrative approval process through OCRICC is to the OCRICC Manager and/or Executive Director of Compliance.
  2. If the OCRICC Manager and/or Executive Director of Compliance are not empowered to resolve the issue or make a decision, the OCRICC leader will escalate the issue to the Chief Medical Officer (CMO).
  3. If the research team has gone to the OCRICC Manager and/or Executive Director of Compliance, and the issue is not resolved timely or to their satisfaction, the issue should be escalated directly to the CMO by the research team. 

What Does FH Expect When Issues are Escalated?

  • The research team should make sure the situation or issue is clearly articulated. The research team should provide information related to what actions you feel are required to resolve the issue, dates or deadlines for expected issue resolution, and anticipated impact if the issue is not promptly resolved. If the issue is complex, we recommend this information is put in writing and provided via email so there are no miscommunications or misinterpretations.
  • Facts are provided in a transparent, professional and collaborative manner. 

What Can Research Teams Expect During an Escalated Status?

  • FH Leadership will investigate the issue and make sure that we understand it from a holistic perspective.
  • FH Leadership will keep you, and other internal stakeholders, informed of the progress on resolving the issue.
  • FH Leadership will collaborate with you and develop a communication plan to ensure that all stakeholders understand the outcome and resolution of the escalation.

Contact Information

Roberta (Bobbi) Navarro
Manager, OCRICC
Phone: 414-805-6530

Nancy Schallert
Executive Director, Corporate Compliance
Phone: 414-805-2859

Note: There are times during the standard FH Administrative Approval process that OCRICC identifies issues/concerns that could delay or prevent the research project from moving forward. When these situations occur, OCRICC will escalate the issue to the CMO or responsible FH Vice President for resolution. The research team will be notified when this occurs.

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