Senior Health CoupleThe natural process of aging can be associated with many conditions that change your general health, physical functioning, psychological health, cognition and lifestyle.

We provide access to primary care physicians and geriatrics specialists to meet the needs of older adults, including your Medicare Annual Wellness Visit. Our physicians are board certified and trained in caring for older adults. Our primary care clinics are conveniently located in Milwaukee and Waukesha counties, making it easy to find a primary care physician near your home. And, for added convenience, many of our primary care clinics have additional on-site services including imaging, mammography and lab.

Accurate diagnosis and treatment often involve a team effort. When appropriate, our primary care physicians will coordinate treatment with geriatrics specialists who are experts in caring for the needs of older adults.

If you are hospitalized, we offer a geriatrics consult service at Froedtert Hospital in Milwaukee, Wis.

NICHE logoOur hospital is a member of NICHE, Nurses Improving Care for Healthsystem Elders. NICHE is the leading nurse-driven program designed to help hospitals and health systems improve the care of older adults. NICHE hospitals report higher patient and family satisfaction rates and more positive outcomes for older adult patients.

Specialty Services for Older Adults

Geriatrics Internal Medicine and Memory Disorders Program

Our geriatrics specialists provide care through this program and see patients at the Specialty Clinics at Froedtert Hospital.

  • Internal Medicine
    Patients ages 80 and over and their families will work closely with our geriatrics experts, who provide comprehensive care in a unique primary care setting tailored to older adults. Their goals is to optimize overall health and enhance quality of life in patients with symptoms such as chronic illnesses, cognitive decline and frailty.
  • Memory Disorders Program
    Aging individuals who are living with dementia or other memory disorders can receive comprehensive care throughout their illness through the Memory Disorders Program. Family members also receive support as they cope with new challenges.

Geriatrics Psychiatry Clinic

Our geropsychiatrists are trained in the mental health needs and specific syndromes faced by older adults. They specialize in disorders such as Alzheimer’s dementia, delirium, other conditions that affect memory and the ability to function in daily activities of life and late-life depression, anxiety and psychotic disorders. 

Geriatrics Consult Service

The Geriatrics Consult Service seeks to improve the care of vulnerable older patients (over age 65) who are hospitalized at Froedtert Hospital. The goal is to reduce the impact of hospitalization on a patient and maximize function and health. This is done by screening patients who are at high risk of complications while in the hospital and providing consultation to patients and care teams that request it. 

All members of the patient’s care team are involved, including physicians, nurses, social workers, therapists, pharmacists, dietitians and the patient and family.