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How long is the transition process?
The transition program lasts about a year. 

How often do I have appointments?
You will begin by visiting once a month for the first year, and depending on how well you are doing, you may change to every other month. 

Where is the E.A.S.E. Program held?
The E.A.S.E. Program is held on the 1st floor of Froedtert Hospital in Conference Room H. Location can change and patients will be notified in advance if this should occur. 

How do I make an appointment?
To RSVP, call Kristin Pelot, social worker, at 414-805-2241. Flyers for the program will be mailed to patients, displayed in the adult Sickle Cell clinic and also over in the pediatric Sickle Cell Clinic at Children's Wisconsin

Are parents welcome?
Yes, parents are welcome at the meet and greet. The education day is just for patients. 

Who will I see in the E.A.S.E. Program?
You will be greeted by Cynthia Leonard, the nurse coordinator, and Kristin Pelot at the meet and greet. During the meet and greet, you will meet the entire sickle cell team. On education day you will only see Cynthia and Kristin. 

What is the purpose of the meet and greet?
The meet and greet is where you get a chance to meet the sickle cell team, tour the facility, ask questions and receive a book bag full of goodies. The meet and greet will last approximately an hour and a half.

What is the purpose of the education day?
The purpose of the education day is to provide information, ideas, tools and resources to help you develop skill sets required to navigate the adult health care setting.