Skin Cancer Center patients receive multidisciplinary care from a team of dedicated specialists. Our physicians are nationally recognized specialists in skin cancer diagnosis and treatment. Together with nurses, technicians, counselors and other support staff, they provide every patient with compassionate, individualized care.


Julia M Kasprzak, MD,

Kasprzak, Julia M.  MD

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Edit Olasz Harken, MD,PhD,

Olasz Harken, Edit  MD PhD

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Olayemi Sokumbi, MD,

Sokumbi, Olayemi  MD

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Kara E Walton, MD,

Walton, Kara E.  MD

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James L. Troy, MD

Hematology and Oncology

Amy K Harker-Murray, MD,

Harker-Murray, Amy K  MD

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Stuart J Wong, MD,

Wong, Stuart J.  MD

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Oculoplastic Surgery

Neda Esmaili, MD,

Esmaili, Neda  MD

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Gregory J Griepentrog, MD,

Griepentrog, Gregory J.  MD

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Gerald J Harris, MD,

Harris, Gerald J.  MD

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Sang Hun Hong, MD,

Hong, Sang Hun  MD

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Timothy Scott Wells, MD,MS,

Wells, Timothy Scott  MD MS

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Sachin Pawar, MD,

Pawar, Sachin  MD

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John S Rhee, MD,MPH,

Rhee, John S.  MD MPH

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Michael Stadler, MD,

Stadler, Michael  MD

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Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

William W Dzwierzynski, MD,

Dzwierzynski, William W.  MD

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Radiation Oncology

Adam Currey, MD,

Currey, Adam  MD

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Christopher J Schultz, MD,FACR,FASTRO,

Schultz, Christopher J.  MD FACR FASTRO

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Monica Shukla, MD,

Shukla, Monica  MD

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Malika L Siker, MD,

Siker, Malika L.  MD

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Surgical Oncology

Callisia N Clarke, MD,

Clarke, Callisia N.  MD

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T. Clark Gamblin, MD,MS,MBA,

Gamblin, T. Clark  MD MS MBA

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Harveshp Mogal, MD,

Mogal, Harveshp  MD

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Susan Tsai, MD,MHS,

Tsai, Susan  MD MHS

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