Spinal Cord Injury Treatment

Neuro Intensive Care and Acute Care Units

The Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin Neuro Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and Acute Care Units are available to serve patients with different types of neurological injuries, including spinal cord injuries. The Neuro ICU is equipped with state-of-the-science monitoring equipment and is staffed by a skilled and experienced team of physicians and nurses.

Experts from other disciplines are readily available for consultation, further enhancing the recovery process and promoting a faster return to the community. While they are in the ICU, patients and their families meet and begin working with the rehabilitation team, including the rehabilitation physician and therapists as well as a case manager, social worker and psychologists. Patients continue to work with the same team throughout their hospital stay and after discharge.

New Frontiers and Treatments

The Spinal Cord Injury Center is at the forefront of new treatments and methodologies for the care and treatment of individuals with spinal cord injury. Our team of physicians lead the way in the development of new diagnostic technologies which will better define spinal cord injury. This improved imaging will provide physicians a mechanism to predict function and will guide individual treatment options. The Spinal Cord Injury Center also participates in current national clinical trials.

Spinal Cord Injury Patient Support

We offer several education and support opportunities for people and families affected by spinal cord injuries or dysfunction. Learn more.

Virtual Visits Are Available

Safe and convenient virtual visits by video let you get the care you need via a mobile device, tablet or computer wherever you are. We'll assess your condition and develop a treatment plan right away. To schedule a virtual visit, call 414-777-7700.

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