Nutrition services offered only at our Wauwatosa location.

If you are a competitive athlete involved in a team or individual sport or an avid exerciser wanting to optimize performance, we can help. Our sports nutrition dietitian will address your specific  concerns and develop a plan to reach your sports health and nutrition goals.

Athletic Performance Nutrition Consultation

You don't need to prepare for this session. The assessment includes:

  • Individual nutrition counseling on topics that may include game/race day nutrition, nutrient timing, nutrition for recovery and weight management, meal planning and portion control
  • Analysis of body composition, dietary intake and nutrient needs
  • Handouts and goal summary

Fee: $90

Follow-Up Nutrition Session

Follow-up sessions with the sports nutrition dietitian are encouraged to support you in reaching your nutrition and performance goals. This allows for ongoing sports health and nutrition education and adjustments to your nutrition program throughout training seasons based on your needs and goals.

Fee: $60.00