When your child becomes active in sports, attends camps or goes off to school, many organizations will require a physical exam. This helps to ensure a safe experience for all. For students, campers or athletes ages 8 through high school, the Froedtert & MCW health network has multiple convenient options.

  • Primary care providers: Make an appointment with one of our primary care physicians located at our health centers throughout southeastern Wisconsin. The provider can complete your physical form or provide documentation of the physical after your visit. The cost of a visit will be billed to your insurance or directly to you, depending upon your preference.
  • FastCare® Clinic locations*: Reserve an appointment online, often the same-day, at a location convenient to you. The cost for a FastCare® visit is $79.

*If your child has not seen their primary care provider in the past two years, we recommend scheduling the appointment for the physical with a primary care provider. Well-child exams are often covered by insurance. Physicals for sports, camp or school are not considered well-child exams.

Tips for Your Child’s Physical

  • Bring completed forms to the appointment. This will eliminate extra time needed to complete any forms prior to the appointment starting.
    • If you need to complete your forms on the day of the appointment, arrive ten minutes early to your appointment.
    • For a WIAA physical, please complete the appropriate form with parental/guardian signatures prior to the appointment.
  • Bring forms from the school, sport or camp. Many have required documentation that can be partially completed by you prior to the appointment. There may also be sections that need to be completed during the appointment.
  • Bring your child’s medical records. If your child does not have a MyChart account, please bring any medical records to the appointment for the provider to review.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Typically, children 8 and up are beginning to participate in sports, attend camp or require a school physical. It is best for children younger than 8 years of age to see their primary care provider for any type of physical exam.

  • It is best to get a physical as soon as you know one is required for your child to participate in sports, attend camp or go to school. Sports physicals should occur six weeks prior to participation. This allows time for any additional follow up tests and a review of records which may be necessary prior to clearance. However, same-day appointments may be scheduled if your child’s medical records are up-to-date and no additional appointments will be needed.

  • Some health checks in the physical examination will include:

      Measure of height and weight
      Measure of vital signs such as heart rate
      Eye exam, if required
      Listen to heart and lungs
      Check of muscle and skeletal systems
      Review of the child’s medical history including vaccinations

        If the child has not seen their primary care provider in the past two years, it is best to schedule a wellness check and physical with their primary care provider.

    Physicals for sports, camp or school are not considered well-child exams.